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Intimacy With God

This is an audio teaching series of How to Deepen Your Life in God. Three of the eight teachings are available here to download by clicking the titles on the right. The full series is available for purchase at the Convergence House of Prayer Bookstore or through our website.

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People invest their time, money, and resources in so many things that are temporary, but the one thing that is of eternal value usually gets fed last. Deepening your life in God is the most important ministry you have as a believer.
— Gina Hyatt

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Children's Ministry Leadership Teachings

Here are the teachings from our recent Children's Equipping Leaders Advance. Teaching 1, by Gina Hyatt; Teachings 2 & 3 by Tim Ditmore, Vertical Call, Santa Rosa; Teaching 4 by Gabrielle Born, Convergence House of Prayer, Fremont.