The Hyatt Family Mission

Hey there, I'm Gina. In addition to aspiring to be an awesome wife and mother, my primary calling is ministering to the Lord in the context of night & day prayer & worship and equipping others locally and globally in deepening their lives in God. In addition, to the prayer room and pastoral ministry, I teach, write, sing, paint, and am a crazy health nut---ISH. I was an Intercessory Missionary in Roseville, CA from 2007-2010 where the Lord did an overhaul on my heart, mind, and theology. I experienced so much healing and restoration in the place of 'sitting' before God, singing to God, and loving on God, that I am forever re-directed in the way I live and minister. My husband Johnny and I are Associate Pastors at Convergence House of Prayer, in Fremont, CA.  where we are raising up a generation to live out of the overflow of their ALIVE hearts in God.

At cHOP, we function in the role(s) of Associate Pastors, Operations, Teachers, Worship Leaders, Media Producers, and Next Generation Equippers. Our calling to build the House of Prayer in the San Francisco Bay Area requires us to be multi-taskers at times, and we considerate it an honor and a privilege to serve the Lord in this way.

We are especially passionate about seeing young ones raised up as fiery intercessors, worship leaders, and apostolic preachers. We are intentionally and strategically creating an atmosphere where young children can grow in their giftings and anointings in the place of ministering to the Lord in His House of Prayer. We are a part of the International House of Prayer Movement and believe that the return of the Lord is close at hand, so close in fact that our children need to be completely FASCINATED with Jesus and STRENGTHENED in their inner man NOW that they may not only stand during the toughest days in human history, but that they may boldly walk in the power of the supernatural during them. Johnny and I have five beautiful children (17, 15, 13, 12, 8) and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

our family vision

Our vision is to continue to #1 build and strengthen Convergence House of Prayer as a "Home Base" for our mission. We are homeschooling our children to equip them in intimacy with God, as little priests, and the prepare them to go to the nations.

We are developing the Equipping base here in Fremont, CA, as well as building a "launchpad" to send people to other houses of prayer around the world. 

Our family holds a personal desire in our hearts to help houses of prayer in Israel & the Middle East. We are currently building a support base of monthly financial partners to send our family to Israel & the Middle East. If you would like more information about partnering with us, or details on our upcoming trips & plans, please contact us. 


All proceeds from Resource Materials, Music, and Missionary Support directly fund our family in ministry. Click the donate button to give a one time donation or become a regular monthly supporter of the Hyatt Family.


We are currently raising funds for the next Missions Trip this fall. You can give through Paypal and leave a note that it is for "Missions". Due to the nature of our ministry, please request via email for more info on the Missions work we are involved with.